So I’m starting a blog!  One of my favorite movie quotes comes to mind here.  Its from Jurassic Park (the original – yes I’m dating myself  a little here to some) “Hold on to your butts!”.  The truth is I’m a  little nervous. So nervous in fact that while I’ve been trying to decide what to write on this first post I’ve changed my son’s diaper and then tried to change it two more times because I forgot I already changed it.  Pray for my kids 🙂  I’ve thought about doing this for awhile now but then I would always shoot it down thinking, “What am I going to talk about?  My ideas and projects aren’t that original.” I’ve come to realize though that there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from things around you, from your family and friends and then making it your own.  So that’s what this blog is going to be.  A laid back place to share some farmhouse style and inspiration while having some fun chats on the front porch. I hope to get some posts put on soon about the things I’ve already done and some new projects I’m working on.   Bear with me as I try and figure out this whole  blog thing.  Setting it up been a real learning experience.  The tutorial threw around crazy terms like “widget”and “permalinks”. Widga-what!  Perma-who!  I think its time to call in the IT department – which consists of my husband, Matthew.   Oh Matthew!  Pray for my husband too 😉


  1. Vicki Anderson

    oh sweet Heather…you have a God-given gift and I am so glad you are sharing it!! have fun with your blog and I look forward to reading more from you! love you, Auntie Vicki

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