Bamm Bamm! Knock out a quick and easy Halloween costume.

Halloween is just around the corner and I was pretty sure I had costumes all figured out.  Emma wants to be a witch and actually put together her costume on her own this year – I think she has had it ready for about 2 months now – and I think she’s been asking me if its Halloween yet for about 2 months.  Jack wants to be a ghost.  Awesome – buy a white tablecloth. Check. Trey a vampire. Stop at Party America. Check.  For Liam I assumed I would just use one of the old costumes I have in the hand me down tote.  I found one that will fit him.  Its a puppy dog costume that is super cute and super warm – perfect for when we are outside on Halloween.  The only problem is he will be at a Halloween party next weekend where he is mostly indoors.  The poor kid would die of heat.  I don’t really want to go spend a lot of money on something for just this party.  Then yesterday I was outside watching him beat up the swing set with a plastic bat and it hit me: Bamm Bamm!  So easy and cheap to make! Here’s what you do:

Scour the internet for inspiration:  This will do!

Bam Bam


Gather Supplies: I used about 1/4 yard of orange fabric, some brown scrap fabric and a sheet each of white felt and black felt.  I also used some elastic for the waist.



Measure out a rectangle size of your orange fabric. Whatever width and length you need for your child. I decided to make mine little thicker by just fold the fabric in half before I cut out my rectangle.  You keep your fold at the top and then you can sew a line about an inch from the top so you have a place to put your elastic in.



Next you sew your two short raw sides together to create your “man skirt”


At this point you can snake your elastic through the waist and just gather it and sew to secure.  Now its time to cut out your little circles out of the black felt.  You want them very rough and irregular.  A person could sew these on but I just chose to use fabric glue. Quick and easy, remember!  Also cut the notches at the bottom.


For the strap measure out the length of your child body – it doesn’t have to be exact.  I managed to get a rough estimate on my child as he was running away from me 😉  Cut a strip of the brown fabric at the length you estimated and make tiny notches on the side to make it look more prehistoric.  Remember poor Betty didn’t have the scissors we do today.  Next cut the bone out of white fabric and insert it into two slits cut into the strap.

IMG_3083 (427x640)


Last just sew the strap onto your “man skirt”

IMG_3085 (427x640)

Now comes the toughest part – trying to make your toddler wear the costume.  I’m still working on this.  Today my little model was being very stubborn.  Ah child models! Such diva’s!  But I do have one little ham in the house and being his baby brother is quite the brute they are not that different in size.  So thank you Trey!

IMG_3090 (resized)

Liam will probably be wearing clothes underneath but I thought it was too cute not to get the full effect.  I think I spent less than $5 on all the materials.  Time wise I would say it took  about 45 minutes but in mom time (that’s when you take regular time and factor in all the interruptions – its very scientific) we”ll say more like 2-3 hours. Happy Halloween!






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