Fall Relationship Status – It’s Complicated

Ahh Fall.  The beautiful leaves, the cozy sweaters, the crockpot dinners.  I could go on and on.  I love it.



But then Fall goes and does this to me


And it cuts me real deep. It’s a Taylor Swift bad blood kind of hurt.

You see raking is one of those things that sounds so fun and nostalgic when in realty after 5  minutes your sweaty but cold and you realize just how out of shape you actually are.  My husband likes to tease me  and will mention every so often that we should get a bagger.  I know better though – he actually enjoys this.  And so we rake.  And just when I am about to break up with Fall I go into the house and Fall presents me with this


Fresh baked apple pie.


And just like that I’m in love with Fall again.




  1. Matthew

    My favorite season too! I can’t wait til the kids are able to help us more with all the leaves.

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