Make Your Own Halloween Sign

spooky sign


If you don’t automatically finish this quote in your head it is imperative that you get to the nearest tv and Netflix Wizard of Oz right now.   But first you should make this sign because its super easy and a fun little project.

I simply used a scrap board I had downstairs.   This one happened to be exactly three feet so I just kept it as is. Next I gave it a coat of black paint. After letting it dry give it a good sanding, especially around the edges to give it that weathered look. Then just free hand your words; the writing should be a little wonky. This is the point where I laugh at myself – my normal handwriting borders on wonky but when I have to do it on purpose, my hands start shaking and my palms start sweating. No worries though, you are going to give it another good sanding which does a great job of masking those shaky imperfections. Last put a hanger on the back. I stole one off a small frame that I don’t hang on the wall.

If you aren’t big on Wizard of Oz , you’re crazy and a quick come to Jesus meeting may be in order. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Seriously though you could use other sayings:  Trick or Treat”, “Come in my little pretties”, “The witch is in”. Just find your favorite and have fun.

P.S.  The cute little eye in the middle of the wreath was a pearler bead creation my daughter had made.  I thought that was the perfect spot for it.

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