Why won’t he put my laundry away?!?

99% of the time I do the laundry in this house. It’s not that my husband isn’t willing to help out it’s just being a stay at home mom it’s a lot easier for me to do it and honestly it takes me about ½ of the time as it would him. But every now and then I will be gone or just fall behind and my loving husband will step in to give me a hand with it. One thing though that he will not do is put my clothes away. He claims its just too hard and I have too many rules. I’m not sure where he is getting this. I’ve showed him numerous times, giving very easy to follow instructions:

“ All my white shirts go in this drawer – except for that white shirt, I like to hang that one up because its fancier. All the sweatshirts go in a pile on this shelf. But not that sweatshirt because I wear it a lot and its easier to grab if its hanging up. This is the pile for the long sleeved shirts but ¾ length sleeves could got here too. T- shirts go in this spot, however these t-shirts can go in my jammy drawer because I really actually wear them to bed most of the time. Tank tops go in this spot – oh but that one is white so it goes in the white shirt drawer. Oh and actually this one is kind of summery and since its fall I should really put that in the summer tote under the bed. These sweaters are light weight so they can be hung up but don’t hang up these sweaters because they’re heavy and will get those annoying indent marks on the shoulders. The shorts go in with my workout clothes but not those striped ones, they go in the jammy drawer. And for my jeans, the shorter ones I wear flats with can go here but the long ones I wear with heels I like on this side.”

I guess I just don’t see where he’s coming from… too many rules, ha! 😉


  1. Jessica Judkins

    Oh. My. Gosh. That sounds exactly like my “rules” – except the part about shorts ‘cuz I don’t wear them anymore 😉

  2. Sarah Thompson

    Haha!!! I have tears….this is so me. I read your blog out loud to Jay and he says…”Wow–that sounds familiar!” I totally get it!!!

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