Apron Announcement!



I love aprons.   I love how I think of my grandma when I wear one, I love how pretty they are and I love how when I spill all over myself – which I always do ( I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with my kiddos and their spills) – but when I spill I don’t have to immediately go change.  The thing is I’ve been having trouble finding an apron that I really love.  So I’ve decided to remedy this and make one for myself.  Well I had so much fun designing my own apron that I decided to make more.  And then I decided hey maybe other people might want a pretty apron… sooooo…. I’m adding a shopping page to my blog for my inspired farmhouse aprons!   I hope to have the page up and running in the next day or two.  I think I’ve got the tech side all figured out but I need to consult with my tech department 😉

All the aprons are fully lined.  I like them to be durable – when I spill, I spill big.  They also have tie straps for the neck and waist so they are one size fits most.    Here’s a little preview of a few aprons I have made that are already spoken for – a little teaser I guess…

IMG_3395 paint

IMG_3376 paint

IMG_3384 paint

P.S.  Don’t you love my model?  I’ve named her Cassandra.  My kids are extremely fascinated by her and one night she scared the crap out of me when I walked into my sewing room in the dark. Ha!

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