Thank Goodness for Spills ;)

I’ve been trying hard to have less freak outs over the endless spills in my house – for my sake and my kid’s sakes. So today when Trey spilled his full glass of juice all over his lunch, the table and floor the minute after I served it to him, I took a deep breath and tried to look at it from a different point of view.

“You know this is probably a good thing. This spot on the floor really did need to be cleaned. Without this spill it could have been days, months even before I cleaned this spot. This is really a blessing.”   Ok maybe I’m stretching a little on the month’s thing (or maybe not.)  “ And the pizza rolls that I was going to eat but I now have to give to him because he just spilled all over his…well I’m sure I could find something healthier than that – I was just saying I needed to start eating better, right? “

Whew, thank goodness that kid spilled his drink – he’s always looking out for me 😉


  1. Joanne Anderson

    I raised 6 kids and I learned the hard way you should never put as much beverage in the glass as you want to wipe up. We called it the two finger level.

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