Thank you!

It’s my first month anniversary in the blog world and I have to say I’m having great fun.  Having  a blog is a weird thing.  I feel like I’m sitting on my front porch talking to you but I don’t know who “you”are.  I don’t know who’s reading it, how many people are reading it, or if you like it.  I suppose that’s one of the liberating parts as well as one of the scary parts.  As a stay at home mom one of the things I miss most is communicating with the “outside world”.  This helps to fill that void and gives me a much needed creative outlet.  So thanks to everyone who’s following, who’s left comments or who’s caught me on the street to offer their support.  And a big thanks to my husband – the poor guy – if he was playing a drinking game with how many times I’ve said the word “blog”over the last month he would be drunk as a skunk by now 😉

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  1. Aunt Susie

    love the blog. keep it coming. gives me something to look forward. miss the days when you don’t post anything. love and hugs

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