One Last Present – Because I Couldn’t Resist



One day when I was waiting to pick up my kiddos at the bus stop after school I was wasting time and perusing Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite ways to waste time but its oh so dangerous.  Anyone who goes on Pinterest knows its a black hole of crafty ideas that can suck you in for an eternity if you let it.  Its best to look at it when you have limited time so you don’t go too far down the rabbit hole.

So as I was saying I was perusing and I came across the sweetest little stuffed fox animal.  Since I have a sweet little “fox” in my family I just couldn’t resist attempting to make it.  The instructions are by Stitched By Crystal  and here is the link: Stuffed Fox Doll.  She gives you a free pattern, step by step instructions and lots of pictures.   I’ve never made a stuffed animal and it was a lot of fun. I’m not telling my kiddos I made it. I know they will want one and I think I will try some different version for Valentines Day for them.

Because it was my first time I did learn a few things along the way.

1. Minky fabric is very slippery.  I’ve never used it before but have seen others sew baby blankets with it.  The store didn’t have just plain orange fleece so I gave the minky a whirl. Not sure I would use it again when sewing small pieces together – a few un-Christmasy words may have escaped my mouth.

2.  Because the minky fabric is slippery I would use more pinning needles next time.   One of my legs slid over a little bit when I was sewing it together and its a little “off”.  I decided to leave it as is and hope it adds to the homemade charm.  Also I’ve made up a lecture in my head that it will be a valuable lesson  to teach her that nobody’s perfect – yes that’s it…I meant to do it as a learning lesson.

At any rate it was a fun little project and I hope it will get lots of snuggles.  Then again maybe she won’t warm to it all. Kids are funny like that – you never know what they are going to attach to it.  My daughter was pretty much a girly girl when she was a toddler – into princesses, toy jewelry and dressing up.  She must have had 6 pretty pink blankies but which one does she sleep with every night even to this day – the green one with pigs and cows all over it.  They are their own little people after all!

This was the last of my homemade gifts series.  I hope you enjoyed them and maybe got a few ideas of your own from them.  I can’t wait to see my kiddo’s open theirs – I think I will be more excited then they will.

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