This Momma’s Christmas Wish

The last sign I made said BELIEVE on it. I think it spoke to me because that’s my Christmas wish this year: to get one more year where all my children still believe in Santa. My oldest is in third grade and I know soon she will begin questioning or one of her friends will spill the beans. It won’t be the same after that – a little bit of the innocence and magic will be lost. How will I explain it? I saw this letter one time circulating on Facebook. I’m not sure who the author is but I thought it was a wonderful:



I hope I can get it across this well when I explain it to my children. This is when I wish raising kids was more like an office job – I could just copy, paste and email this letter and hope they get the memo. Instead it will be the start of many “after school special” talks that come with growing up. For now I’m just crossing my fingers that Santa grants my Christmas wish this year.

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