A New Year’s Resolution, a Sweet Tooth and a Painful Reminder

I’m not one for making a New Year’s resolution but recently my husband as decided to start eating healthier.  He would like to lose some weight and I really wouldn’t mind fitting into my clothes a little better so I’ve decided to jump on board and support him.   Lord knows though that when we go on this “diet”  here’s what’s going to happen:  my hubby will lose 25 lbs. and 6 inches off his waist and I will lose 2 lbs. and a cup size off my boobs.  Every woman out there knows this is how it goes.  In fact, I strongly believe my chest has a direct line to my sweet tooth – my boobs are trying to save themselves.

In all seriousness though I have a killer sweet tooth.  Its  been getting me into trouble for years.  All though it did have some help along the way.  I grew up on the same farm as my grandma.  Most days I would hop off the school bus and head straight to her house where she would have waiting for me a full size candy bar, a little Debby snack bar, probably some licorice and a pop – diet of course…lets throw in some moderation folks.  This was everyday.  I was an extremely lucky and hyper child – an extremely lucky and hyper child with a LOT of cavities as a result.

I’ve been trying to reign my sweet tooth in ever since and its quite a challenge at times.   Just last week I had to get two fillings as a result of my sweet tooth.  I came home with a numbed up cheek, drooling all over myself.   Now I know you should not eat until the numbness wears off; like I said before this wasn’t my first filling.  But I got home and there it was… a perfectly uneaten toaster strudel sitting on the table that my son had abandoned.  Have I ever mentioned I love toaster strudels? Well I do.  Growing up the budget was tight at times and toaster strudels were an expensive grocery item – one of those things my mom would get us as a treat.  They came six in a box and there were six people in my family – you were not allowed to have more than one so everyone could have one.   Maybe its because of this but I now have toaster strudels in my freezer pretty much at all times and my sweet tooth still beckons for them.
So there it was, sitting in all its toaster strudel glory, tempting and teasing my sweet tooth.  I buckled and starting chomping clumsily away at it like a dog chewing on a treat trying to keep it on the good side of my mouth.  It wasn’t until I went to wipe the drool away from my mouth that I noticed the blood.  Yes – while trying to inhale my toaster strudel I had inadvertently chewed up my numbed lip all to heck.  Right at that moment my phone dinged with a follow up email reminder from my dentist’s office to refrain from eating until all numbness has worn off.

What’s the moral of this story – I’m not sure it has one really.  But for the last few days I’ve had a nice swollen lip as a good reminder to try keep my sweet tooth in check.  The last couple of mornings I’ve been able to avoid the toaster strudel and go for the smoothie that we make.  It consists of frozen fruit,  yogurt, a banana, milk or orange juice and spinach – the last ingredient sounds gross but it’s actually very tasty and I haven’t bitten my sore lip once drinking it 😉

I wish my sincerest Good Luck to all those out there with New Year’s resolutions.  I hope you don’t need quite such a painful reminder to stick to yours.


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