Window Trim and Wine

It’s done!!! That last piece of window trim that I needed to cut and put back up after the kitchen remodel last summer is done!  Why is it that the little details always take the longest to get done?  It didn’t take all that long to do it – there were just so many more fun projects to do instead.  I would look at it every time I did the dishes or walked by it and think I should really do that when the kids go to bed but then I would distract myself with a new apron, a new woodworking project, pinterest, a toaster strudel.  But its done now!



I probably should put the cabinet quarter round back on the bottom cabinets too.  I have it all painted – it just needs to get nailed back down.  Nah I think I will leave that sense of accomplishment for another day.

But I tell you what! Getting this  last piece of window trim on calls for a glass of wine tonight to celebrate which brings me to my next topic: Wine and my lack thereof.   I’m out folks.  My husband and I were just talking about our list of supplies we need for the house.  You know the necessities: light bulbs, toilet paper, dog food.   He said “can you think of anything else that we need right now?” I promptly responded with “wine”.  He laughed and replied “I don’t think that is exactly a NEED.” I just stared blankly back at him.   Crickets were heard chirping in the distance (which is a small miracle since it is winter in North Dakota).

You see we agree to disagree about wine sometimes.  For example I will pour myself a glass of wine and sweetly ask him if he wants a glass as well.  He replies no.  About 3 minutes later I will find him taking sips out of my glass.  “What?!! What are you doing!” I will say.  He proceeds to tell me that this is exactly what women do to guys food all the time.  No matter how much we debate he doesn’t accept that stealing wine sips is a much bigger crime.

So honey if you are reading this. Please bring home a bottle of wine.  I will get TWO glasses ready.  Happy Friday everyone!  Here’s to conquering procrastinated projects – a little at a time.


  1. Wanda Dews

    Oh, I LOVE this!!!! Today, is my first visit to your “Inspiration” but it won’t be my last. Lovely…all the way around…lovely.

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