I Love Chalk! Chalky, Chalk, Chalk!

It’s movie trivia time! What Movie did I model my title of  today’s post from?  Answer at bottom of the post.

I’ve been pulling some late nights trying to finish up Jack’s room and I’m thisclose!  I’m hoping to be finished in the next few days. In the meantime though I had some fun with a couple mini projects.  I love mini projects – you get satisfaction in a matter of like an hour instead of oh you know a month or more.  It’s good to sprinkle in a couple mini projects here and there to keep you going with the bigger ones.

As you might be able to guess my mini projects focused on chalk or chalk paint – 2 kinds.  The first one is chalkboard paint.  Off of our kitchen we have a really nice sized laundry room/pantry room.  Its awesome and my sister-in-law is in love with it.   She loves the whole house but that room in particular and all the storage it provides makes here heart go pitter patter – she’s type A if you haven’t guessed 🙂

Now there are three areas in my house that are a complete mess right at this moment and I am in the process of slowly to trying to organize them: they are my basement, my office/craft room/music room, and my pantry/laundry room.  Since its taking me a little while to get these areas addressed, I’m going to do the second best thing for the pantry/laundry room – hide it!

There is  a pocket door that closes off the laundry room. Unfortunately when we had new flooring installed it raised the floor just enough so that it is almost impossible to open.  I discovered recently, however that with the winter freeze the house has shifted just enough for me to get it open.  So I took off the door trim and though I couldn’t get it all the way off I  got the door pulled out enough to saw off a 1/2 inch at the bottom. With the angle I was at it was a nerve racking cut to say the least.  I was terrified of slipping off the door and damaging the floor but slowly and surely I got it.

Once I could get it open I decided to pep it up a little and put a chalkboard on there for the kids to play with.  The door is becoming a new favorite – it hides my mess while keeping my kids entertained!!  For the chalkboard part first I tried ordering a $6 stick on roll of chalkboard paper from my Amazon.  It was easy but it kept getting air bubbles all over every time the kids drew on it – it drove me crazy! I decided to just go for it and paint the chalkboard on with chalkboard paint.  This was a much better way to do it.

Here it is:




The second project I worked on I  really couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out.  Last time I was visiting my sister-in-law she gave me some leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It was like a Christmas gift and birthday gift all rolled into one – I was so excited.  I had always wanted to try it out so it was like she was giving me liquid gold!  I have a bigger project in mind for it but I thought I would give it a try on something smaller first.

A little while ago Matt’s parents were cleaning out a closet and found this:


It is a tool caddy I believe and it was made by husband for his 8th grade shop class.  For some reason I find that absolutely adorable.   I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I could use it for a tool caddy but that would just be too obvious, right?  Why not chalk paint it and use it for decoration!!??

Putting on the paint.



Looks good but let’s try distress shall we…


Oooh, that’s better

I had the perfect spot for it.  An end table in my living room that I didn’t really know what to do with for decorating.  I LOVE it!!



Trey really loves it too 🙂


So what is the answer to my trivia question at the top? If you guessed Anchor Man you are right!  One of his best catch phrases is “I love Scotch! Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch!”  Well I don’t love Scotch but I’ve decided I do love chalk – chalk paint that is.


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