Kitchen Remodel

Disclaimer:  This post is going to be a long one cuz I’m so crazy happy with how the kitchen turned out.  With 4 kiddos most of the work got done after bedtime and we would work well into the night.  We literally poured our blood sweat and tears into this one and I couldn’t be … [Read more…]

Mudroom Closet Transformation

In a perfect world every house would be built with a beautiful full size mudroom.  However most of us are lucky to even have this:   And if you have kids there’s a good chance it looks something more like this: I realize the doors are off in this picture but come on – when … [Read more…]

Make Your Own Halloween Sign

  If you don’t automatically finish this quote in your head it is imperative that you get to the nearest tv and Netflix Wizard of Oz right now.   But first you should make this sign because its super easy and a fun little project. I simply used a scrap board I had downstairs.   This one … [Read more…]

These Lists Comes with an Extra Reminder

I love lists!  On any given day I have multiple lists going.   Grocery lists, to do lists, house project list, Christmas lists,budget lists, packing lists, Target and Walmart lists.  I think I have even made lists about my lists.  I love them.  They make me feel organized and its almost therapeutic for me to make … [Read more…]

“Manicure Time”

The other day I went to paint my nails. Something I haven’t done in probably years.  I guess I had forgot why I don’t.  You see I have what I like to call child induced mom ADD and this is exactly how far I got. Yep 1 nail. But at least its the thumb I … [Read more…]