My Rustic Ladder

I received a Pottery Barn magazine the other day and I saw the cutest decorative ladders in it.  But you know what wasn’t so cute?  The price!  Over $200 for the 5′ ladder and over $400 for the 8′ version.  WHAT WHAT!!!  That’s crazy! So I was on a mission to create it for myself.  I looked on my trusty Pinterest and settled on a tutorial by  All you need is (2) 1x2x6 boards (cut down to your desired height) and (2) 3/4” wooden dowel’s cut in half.  Notch out the spots in your boards for your dowels with a paddle drill bit and screw everything together.  It’s a super easy project and I just modified it to meet the height specs and stain color I wanted .  Here’s how it turned out.

IMG_3129 (resized) IMG_3134 (resized)

The thing I love about this piece is it’s so versatile.  You can use it inside or put it on the porch.  You can put blankets on it, use it in the bathroom as a towel holder or you can decorate it up for the holidays.  Here’s a little twist I came up with for Halloween.  I just took some burlap, hemmed up the pieces, stenciled on a chevron design and painted the letters BOO on it.

IMG_3138 (resized)

IMG_3140 (resized)


At Christmas I’ll probably do something similar with the word JOY.  I love how it turned out and best of all I spent pennies compared to the Pottery Barn price tag.



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