A Little Valentine’s Day Love

Love is in the air! Love is a many splendid thing! All you need is love!!

Valentines Day is right around the corner! I know that some people hate Valentine’s Day. You might not have a significant other right now. You might think it puts too much pressure on people.  I have found that over the years Valentines Day has changed a lot for me.  When I was young I was foolish enough to think that it was  a day only for – okay Katie if you’re reading this don’t get squeamish right now – lovers (she hates words like that!)   Now that I’m older and I have matured in life and in marriage, I find that this day means more to me than it ever has. And that’s because it’s a wonderful day to celebrate all the different kinds of love in my life.  Yes the love I have for my wonderful husband – but also the love I have for my family, my children and the special friends I have in my life.

So to me Valentines Day is a day that should be celebrated whether you are in love with that special someone or are lucky enough to be surrounded by all the different kinds of love life has to offer.

And to put you in the mood I thought I would show you some of the fun decorations I’ve been coming up with in my house.

A couple new signs were made.  The first one is just a  1×8 I stained and painted with a cute saying. When I paint my signs I just use those little craft tubes of paint you can buy for around a dollar in the craft store – I don’t use anything fancy.  My daughter added the cute little string of hearts she made to the hutch.



The second sign was a fun one.  A lot of people are doing pallet signs right now but I have so many leftover 1 by’s from various projects I thought I would use them up.  I did a little pattern of 1×4’s and 1×8’s until a I had a square 25” sign.  I attached  2 pieces of scrap wood along the back of the sign on the top and the bottom and secured them using a lot of nails and and wood glue.  Then I stained the sign and painted a fun design. Its a very simple design anyone can master. Don’t be afraid to get out a ruler to get those straight lines.


Time to hang it above my mantle.


I added a few other decorations to the mantle as well.  A simple chalkboard with 14 written on it.  A really pretry lantern that I found in our basement.  I love the turquoise glass.  The box with the heart is actually a Christmas box that I painted a heart on the back – now I can use it for 2 holidays!  I bought the XO garland at Target and I made the whimsical pom pom garland out of red, pink and white yarn.



The blanket ladder got some love too 🙂  I cut out hearts out of some floral fabric scraps and basted them to burlap squares.  We got married right before digital pictures got big (I’m aging myself  a bit here).  So we have all our pictures in a photo album. What better time to have them on display so I put them out on the end table as well.



The piano also got a little decor.  I found the sparkly “&” sign in the Target dollar bin and I just set it on a short little wood stump.  Then I cut triangles of black construction paper to look like little chalkboard triangles and strung them with twine.  I wrote the word LOVE on it using a chalk marker.



My daughter was busy again making paper chains to celebrate. She added little conversation heart sayings to each of the links.



She even decorated the cat.  She looks thrilled, right?


Last I decided to buy myself a simple wood burning kit.  I got it off of Amazon for $17.00.  I was inspired by some  Christmas tree ornaments I had see on pinterest that someone had decorated by wood burning that  I decided I wanted to try and make some for next year.  But then I thought why wait to Christmas. I went out to the log pile, found a good size one and burned a heart with our initials on it.  Then I found our picture that my Valentine and I had taken in a photo booth almost 17 years ago now, blew it up and stuck it in a really cute frame I found at our pharmacy shop in town.


And that’s all folks! I hope you found some Valentine’s inspiration in this post and I wish you all a day filled with LOVE!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!



  1. Veronica

    I have to tell you…I just saw that design on your pallet sign in the Sunday flyers on a pillow & totally was going to make it. Great minds think alike ?

  2. Jessica Judkins

    Oh Heather. I wish I could teleport you to my house to do some decorating 🙂
    Love these ideas!

  3. Laura Jill Cook

    Your ideas are so creative and awesome!!! Our son,Nathan, is very good friends with Susan
    Anderson in Idaho. We are so thankful she is in our lives! She shared your blog with me and I admired the apron you made that happen to arrive when we were visiting-beautiful work as is your home-I am an Iowa girl who loves old farm houses. We have lived in Helena,Mt for 35 years so this is home now.

    Jill Cook

    • hjalmen

      Jill it is wonderful to meet you!! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! It really means a lot. I agree with you about farmhouses and my auntie Sue – they are both just the best!! I’m so glad you reached out. That’s been one of the funnest parts of sharing this blog – getting to meet new people. I am so glad you are enjoying it! Take Care! Heather

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