Excuse Me While I Get My Geek On

We had to get a new washer as our old one took a dive recently.  It was starting to sell like horrible rotten eggs meaning water wasn’t properly draining right. But then the real kicker came when it started to smell like it was on fire.  I’m not a washing machine expert but I know neither of those things are good smells.  So like I said we got a new one.  Nothing too expensive just a good rated (according to Consumer Reports which we spent a whole Saturday morning pouring over) washing machine.  Matt went down last night to pick up the set (because you must have the matching dryer – actually yes we did – this washer is a ton bigger than our old one) and then we stayed up to a most ungodly hour switching them out after the kids went to bed.

So all that being said let me take a moment to get my geek on… the controls on my new washing machine make me feel like I’m on Star Trek the Next Generation.  They are so high tech!  Excuse me while I walk around with a headband on my eyes for the rest of the afternoon (You know, because Jordie was my favorite – Holla Reading Rainbow. That’s just a little 80’s throwback.)    And the dryer is so huge I’m thinking of just hanging out in there when I need a little alone time – no I won’t. I realize that is not something I want to teach the kids.

Anyways getting back to getting my geek on – I joined Instagram recently and if you read my blog post about any of my furniture piece builds you will know what  a big fan I am of Ana White and her furniture designs – I love her plans.  Well I hash tagged her (cuz I now know what a hash tag is :P)  on one of the pictures of Jack’s toy bin as it was from her building plan and who comments on my picture??? Wait for it…….. Ana White herself! Shut the front door, I kid you not!! It was about 1:30 in the morning while we working on the washer/dryer and my phone dings and up pops her comment on my Instagram app. It said – again wait for it…. “love it!” .  Not just like it but “love it!” and yes she used an exclamation point.   I shrieked and then panicked because I didn’t want to wake the kids and then whispered very excitedly to my husband what had just happened.

Anyways I’m sure she will be calling me up soon to arrange a play date for our kids…

I now realize it is probably not in my best interest that I ever actually meet a celebrity in real life because I will undoubtedly make a fool of myself.  Boy I hope Ana White never reads this post.

Not that she ever will.

But then you know she might…cuz we are like bff’s and all now 😛


  1. Carmen

    OH EM GEEEE!! I literally laughed out loud on this post! If you ever get to meet Ana, let me know!!

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