Valentine, I’m WILD About You!

You know what I love about Valentines Day? I love those adorkable little sayings you see on kids cards. You know the ones – there is a picture of train and it says “I choo-choo choose you”.   Its like the one day of the year you can be completely corny and its absolutely cute and acceptable.

So I was keeping that in mind when I was thinking of the kids Valentines Day presents.  My kids still are in the stage where they loved stuffed animals – even my boys – they have an older sister and she kind of is the ring leader.  Whatever she likes they like.  They loved the little fox I made for their cousin for Christmas so I thought why not make each of them a stuffed animal.  I have so many fabric scraps from my aprons and I have two throw pillows that I keep thinking I should give to Good Will but then I think well I might use them somewhere (seriously I’ve been holding onto these pillows for probably 5 years just because I might use them – hello hoarder).  I finally decided now was the time to sacrifice them and use their stuffing – it actually felt really good!

So here is what I came up with:


Each one will get its own adorkable homemade card

For Emma: Owl Always Love you!


For Jack: We Whaley Love you!


For Trey:  You Are Turtley Awesome!


For Liam : We Love You Tons!


This was a really fun way to use up scraps – I didn’t have to spend an extra dime on their V-Day gifts this year.    Here are the patterns I used to make them.

Owl Pattern

Whale Pattern

Turtle Pattern

Elephant Pattern

The patterns are completely free.  I changed the sizing on a couple of them and I added a felt heart to each of mine to make them a little extra special- after all each of these kiddos does hold a piece of my heart.

Once again Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and oh to my hubby if you are reading this:

I think we make a fine pair 🙂



  1. These are adorakable, lol You are very talented! All of your projects look like so much fun!
    I really enjoyed reading about the Prom picture about your now farmhouse. Such a sweet story (with some sad) But I love those things!

    • hjalmen

      Thank you Christine!! I just got done visiting your site, the rusted and I love your house! You guys have done an amazing job!! I’ll be following you for sure – oh but not in a creepy, stalker sort of way!! I’ll be following your site ? Lol!

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