My Motivational Parenting Speech

Occasionally I get comments when I’m out and about from people saying they enjoy my blog and projects.  I want thank everyone who takes the time to read it – it’s completely humbling to me.  Sometimes I’m caught off guard by it too – I think I kind of forget for a second that what I’m writing can be viewed by anyone who wants to see – and the fact that there are some people out there who want to see it still blows my mind.

Other comments I get at times are “you are such a good mom.” Or maybe something to the affect that they wish they were a better mom or could do more things for their family or kids.  I just want to take a second to address this.  I don’t like to use my blog to try and give parenting advice because what the heck do I know.  However I will share a little parenting encouragement and my own experiences.

I try to be a good mom – we all do I think.  Some days I feel like I’m failing miserably and others days I think I’m doing ok – we all have these days too I think.  But I don’t want anyone to ever read my posts and measure up their mom status by comparing it to mine.  One thing I’ve been learning is there are so many ways to be a good mom (or dad – sorry dads…not trying to cut you out on this.) I’m not an expert by any means and I have a ton to learn – most days I feel like I’m winging it. But the one thing I’m finding is to use my strengths and talents and not to focus so much on my weaknesses.    I love showing my kids I care by making them stuff, baking their after school treats and having tons of craft items at their disposal. All the drawers of the built in hutch in our dining room are filled with craft supplies for them.  These things are what I consider my strengths and the passions that I can share with them to create memories.  Not everyone has these passions and that’s completely ok.  My husband does stuff with the kids that I simply cannot or find difficult.  He can play on the floor with them for hours building Lego castles and fortresses.   I struggle with this.  All my Lego creations look the same (basically like a box) and after 5 minutes I’m thinking about all the things I should be getting done (I am trying to work on this).  My husband also finds great interest in the stars.  We have a telescope and he loves to show the kids all the constellations and explain it to them (something his dad passed down to him).  Whereas I’m like I’ll be in the house making the hot chocolate for you all.

Some people have immense patience and never seem to have to raise their voice (not me).  Some having these amazing hearts and a drive to volunteer that they share and teach their kids.  Some are born learners and love to answer the countless why’s their children have – using everything as a teaching experience.  Some are simply there for their kids – they are present.  That’s got to be the best thing you can do for your child.

My point is, please don’t compare you as a parent to someone else.  I realize it’s easier said than done and I have to remind myself of it at times.  It’s OK to recognize your weaknesses and want to improve upon them but here is me giving you a big pat on the back for loving your child unconditionally, sharing your interests and ideas with them and supporting them as they develop their own passions.

Ok.  That’s my motivational speech for the week… month…year.  Go team!

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