Its not too late for a fun Fall sign!

It seems like Falls slips away way too fast.  But there is still time to make an adorable sign like this to celebrate the season.  I found a board downstairs and I thought what can I do with this (that seems to happen a lot).  How about a cute fall sign!

Fall Sign Resized

Here’s what I did.  First I painted the board white and waited for it to dry.  Then I put a few strokes of the color that I wanted to show through – but you don’t want to completely cover it this time.  I had some leftover green paint from the boys room and decided to use that.    After this coat dried I used the white paint again and put just a few strokes over the green I just put on – again not fully covering it.  After it completely dried I used my handy dandy sander and got to town distressing it until I was happy with the look.  At this point it was time to come up with a saying.  I kind of melded a few different sayings I’ve see on other signs.  I printed it on a word document using a font that I liked and used it as my template.  You can use a ball point pen to trace it – this kind of marks the wood for you and makes it easier to paint your words on.  I wanted to add a little more to my sign and I’ve been digging “hippy arrows” (at least that’s what Google told me they are called -what would I  do without Google – I would be lacking so much fun, useless information).   After looking at few images online I went ahead and free-handed them.  Last I added a border and went over some spots here and there with a fun accent color.  Give it one last sanding and your done!    I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and my family thought I bought it in a store so you can’t hope for much more than that!

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