A Sunday Funday

Today was a good day for a good day.  It really was.  We had our last day of Sunday School for the year followed by church and a potluck.  I love me a good church potluck.  A huge spread of comfort foods and bars just like the ones grandma used to make.  And best of all when I get home I don’t have to make my children a meal.  Score!

After we got home my husband suggested going out and looking in the woods on our farm for duck eggs.  At first I was hesitant; it had been raining and it looking like it might again and everything was pretty muddy.  But then I thought you know what, there is never going to be a perfect day – but this is a really good day.   The temperature was decent and best of all: no mosquitos!! The worst thing that would happen is we would either end up muddy, wet or both.   So we rounded up the kids and set off on our adventure.

If you are not from North Dakota and have never been here, specifically the Eastern side of the state, what you might find most striking is our lack of hills, lakes, and woods.  Nope Minnesota hogged all that – we are the prairie land folks. Not that the prairie land isn’t beautiful in it’s own right – you won’t find more beautiful sunsets than those on the prairie.  However growing up one of my favorite places to play and explore was in the shelterbelt that surrounded our place.  That’s why I find my current farm to be so enchanting.  Smack dab in the middle of the beautiful prairie we have a whole other eco system going on.  We have these incredible woods with our own little “lakes” and wonderful little rolling “hills”.  Its not acres and acres, but it’s by far big enough to keep our family hiking and exploring for an afternoon.

I thought I might share some pictures of our adventures.

We hiked,


We explored,

We had fun,

But mostly we just enjoyed being together.



The woods are waking up and becoming  a brilliant display of vibrant green and as predicted we came home both a bit muddy and wet.  But when I asked the kids if there were happy that we had made them turn off their tablets so we could go on this hike we heard a unanimous “yes!”.   That’s music to this mommy’s ears.    We even found a spot the kids loved so much that they are calling it our secret family spot and we plan on having a picnic there this week if we can! These are the reasons that we wanted so badly to raise our family in the country.  Is it more difficult with schedules and planning and driving, and gas money at times, yes.   But to us, having these moments so readily available to us is more than worth it.



  1. Roberta Charrier

    Heather – thanks for sharing these moments with you family with all of us. There was a wooded hillside behind my house where I grew up in Ohio. I LOVED exploring in those woods as a kid & finding those spring-time blossoms, too. You brought back some great memories for me with this blog – thank you!!

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