Super Hero Capes All Around


I have quite a few little super heroes in my life. (Or as my Jack used to call them -pooper heroes. I miss that!)  One day when I was in Hobby Lobby I came across a little pamphlet that gave directions on making  a super hero cape. I thought this would be the perfect Christmas present for my two youngest.  Here is the link for the instructions but I will give them to you as well along with some photos of the process. Super Hero Cape Official Instructions

You need a yard of fabric.  You could use any type but I decided to try out the fabric they suggested.  Its very inexpensive and lightweight as well.  Please note this pattern makes two capes.

  1. Fold your fabric in half width-wise once and then do it again.  Cut two inches off the left side and set the strip aside.  Do this twice so you end up with (2) two inch strips of fabric.IMG_1699
  2.  Next measure 7″ from the bottom fold and mark.  Place your ruler at this mark and diagonally up to the upper left corner of the fabric.  Use your rotary cutter to cut.IMG_1700
  3. Now unfold and you have should have two cape shaped pieces of fabric.  Take one of the capes and  place one tie strip at the top and fold it so your sandwiching the top and sew using 1/4 ” seam allowanceIMG_1704
  4. Embellish as desired.  I just did lightning bolts and sewed them on.  I cheated and went on google, typed in lightning bolt printable and then just printed one off and cut it out – easy, free template.   The nice thing about this fabric is it doesn’t fray so a top stitch to keep it in place is just fine. IMG_1705IMG_1706

I’m laughing at my pictures right now because I’m realizing that the cape keeps changing colors. No this is not a hyper -color cape – although that would be cool.  I made three different color capes and I was sporadic about taking pictures while I was doing it.  I ‘m just really lucky that in the end I had taken a picture of each step

Because this pattern makes two capes it is a SUPER cost effective super hero cape.  I believe I figured it came out to between $1.50 – $2.00 a cape using the Oly Fun Fabric.  What a great inexpensive present!  Or if your having a super hero themed birthday party for your little one, maybe think about making one for all the little guests (depending on how many super heroes you are inviting). It’s something they can play with at the party and it would act as a party favor. The whole thing took me about 15- 20 minutes to make two.