Two Words: Yard Sweeper!

So I’ve been doing this blog thing for a year now!! I can’t believe it! I was looking back at some of my first  posts and one was about raking leaves and my distain for it. Well I have to say that hasn’t changed. What’s funny is, usually when it comes to seasonal functions and traditions – I’m the crazy one in our family. But with raking I have to hand over the crazy crown to my husband. He inherits a Clark Griswald quality when it come to raking. In his mind raking equals quality family time when in reality the kids help for about 5 minutes, then start arguing about who has the better rake, then abandon us all together to jump on the trampoline while possibly shouting out words of encouragement at how big the leaf pile is getting. My husband is meticulous – no leaf escapes his clutches. Me – well let’s just say I’m less so.

I will argue with my sweet husband, “raking is bad for your back!”
“Oh no my darling, it helps strengthen your back!”
“Why do we have to even rake!  We live in the country and  I don’t remember my family raking in the fall!”
To which he will inevitably reply, ” We raked every year and then we would come over to this farm and rake as well. Really your lucky, most of the willow trees are gone – those were the worst.”
“Yep. I’m lucky,” I say as the glistening and blisters start. “Well what about those yard sweepers things. Someone mentioned those to me. Maybe we should look at getting one.”
“Oh I don’t know if we need one of those. One good afternoon of raking and it’s done! ”

But then it happened folks. A couple weeks back ago my mother in law said the most magical words! “Heather I bought a yard sweeper.”
I swear I could hear the angles singing . I wanted to bear hug her right then and there, grovel at her feet and beg her to borrrow it!
Before I had to do any of that though she said “Yeah so when I get done with it you guys are welcome to use it.”
Play it cool Heather, keep it together.
“Oh, um , yeah sure that would be awesome.” I replied while doing  a melody of embarrassing happy dances in my head.
So here is the pile from just our back yard that took 25 minutes people, 25 minutes!

That night my husband mentioned, “yeah that yard sweeper is pretty slick!  We might even want to get our own.”

Let’s just say that now I have this in writing for next fall!

LOL (lots of love) guys!