A Family Picture – the Outtakes

I shared some family pictures we had taken this past weekend on Facebook land.  I’ve been wanting to get a nice family picture for forever now.  We take really fun ones of the kids all year long but usually they are just individual ones.  Its that elusive family picture I was after.  So in case you missed it here area couple of the few that turned out….

Good One

kids good one

and here are a few of the MANY that didn’t turn – the outtakes if you will.

IMG_3597 IMG_3593 IMG_3590 IMG_3571 IMG_3553 IMG_3539 IMG_2085 IMG_2055 IMG_2053 IMG_2051 IMG_2049 IMG_2037

Yep it took probably a hundred shots to get a few decent ones.   I know this is totally normal with kids and I’m so happy for the ones that did turn out, but man! I mean I would not have wanted to take my blood pressure after the photo shoot.  I knew it would be that way.  You always have that one kid who doesn’t want to cooperate – and sometimes they take turns throughout the photo shoot.   But I’m glad we finally did it.  Honestly I have been putting it off for too long.  Wanting the time of year to be just right, the lighting to be just right, for us all to have haircuts and matching outfits, to get an appointment made with a photographer.  Oh and here’s been a big one – for me not to be pregnant! That has been a feat in itself these last eight years – I’ve been pregnant a lot!  I kept thinking well we might as well wait until the baby is here and then it would get pushed off another year.   So it was time. I couldn’t wait for the perfect moment any longer – as good old Nike says I had to “just do it”.  There have been too many reminders as of late that are telling me to stop waiting and get this done.  So in the end no one had fresh haircuts and the sun was shining in our eyes most of the time.  I scrounged up clothes that we already had and matched us up as best I could and then called good old grandma and  grandpa and we finally did it.  And I’m so glad…..and I’m so glad we won’t be doing it for another year 😉


  1. Katie Jacobson

    Looks a lot like what our family would look like if we did pic’s except our oldest would be strangling someone haha

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