A Holiday Season Reminder

The holidays are upon us! I am beyond excited! So as we enter the holiday season here is a good reminder to myself and to any family out there with kids. Adjust your expectations and enjoy the moments as they come. Don’t try to force it. We all have the Norman Rockwell dreams but I’m pretty sure what you don’t see in that magical picture of the whole family gathered around the table – what was cropped out – was the screaming toddler throwing a fit under the table.

My family has started a tradition of going to cut down our own Christmas Tree. Undoubtedly by the end of the trip someone is crabby – sometimes its the kids – sometimes its me and Matthew. The whole thing usually usually ends up a little more Grizwald than Rockwell. But you know what I still love it and I still can’t wait to make more of those Grizwald memories. Just like when we decorate the sugar cookies with the kids. Its loud, its messy and the cookies are usually unrecognizable but my kids can’t wait to do it again this year. So here’s a reminder to myself to make the memories. Its going to be loud and its not going to be perfect but that’s life and that’s where some of the best memories start.

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  1. Nancy Bell

    Your kids will sit around for years to come and say “remember when”…and they’ll have beautiful memories!

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