A Farm Winter Wonderland

Sometimes when I’m deciding if I should write about something I have to really think about if people will actually care about it or not.  Today’s post though is mainly for the Almen family.  It was such a beautiful day at the farm.  It’s like the sun and the land were showing off and daring me to try and capture it.  I’m not a great photographer.  My husband is so much better at it but I’m SLOWLY learning.   I used to give Matthew guff if he used the camera last and didn’t set it back to Auto mode for me however recently I’ve gotten daring and have tried out…wait for it…. the pre-set landscape mode! I know right I’m almost ready to open my own studio!  Haha, not! Anyways the reason I say this post is mostly for the Almen crew is I know how much this farm means to them. I know that even though they are all 100% excited and proud for us to be living here – the transition is somewhat bittersweet.  I know they miss their beloved farm and that even though they know that they are more than welcome to come here anytime, it’s not quite the same as when Grandma and Grandpa were here.  So here are some pictures of the farm winter wonderland.  I think it was saying hello to you all:

The old hogbarn.  I love this barn.

IMG_3710 (2)

Walking down the lane.

IMG_3714 resized

IMG_3717 IMG_3721

For those who aren’t familiar to the land here a coulee runs beside the farmyard. If you walk down the lane in the back of our house a little ways the coulee has  a spot were it gets pretty large.  The kids call this our lake. They always say, “can we got on a walk to the lake?”  I’m hoping the temperatures will be right this winter for some skating on the “lake”.

IMG_3724 IMG_3725 IMG_3727 (2)

This is one of the kids favorite climbing trees back by the “lake”.  The sun was shining through it perfectly today.

IMG_3737resized IMG_3735resized


After the walk it was time for a little front yard sledding.  We don’t have many hills in Northeast North Dakota.  You take whatever little bump you can find sometimes 🙂

IMG_3705 (2)

I hope you enjoyed the walk through our farm winter wonderland.   My pictures simply didn’t do the beauty of today justice but hopefully it gave my Almen family a glimpse of home – because it’s good to be home at Christmas.


  1. Aunt Susie

    Amazing, thanks for the tour and the memories of being on the farm. You are right it is bittersweet for me but I am so happy for all of you. Love you all and Merry Christmas

  2. Mary

    Your photos are beautiful Heather! It’s funny, I was just going through a lot of old photos this past week, and looking at photos I’ve taken over the years in this back coulee/pasture area. I love it there and would rarely miss an opportunity to take a walk back there whenever we would come home. It’s beautiful in every season. So glad you and the kids are enjoying it too!

  3. Rose

    Thank You Heather! I have come back to this post many times – every one of those pictures holds a million memories. The “backyard” beckoned the imagination who then transported us to all sorts of adventures. I see you posted Loki’s tree (remember Mary?) I love that another generation will create there very own historic epics. ?

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