Our First Holiday Porch

It’s Christmas time!!! It’s after Thanksgiving now so I can officially say that without fear (I hope) of someone wanting to punch me.  I LOVE Christmas time.  I’ve been on a decorating high.  We still haven’t got our tree yet – we get a real one so my sensible husband makes us wait until the first weekend in December – but I have been busy getting everything else festive.  I thought I would show you my holiday porch to follow up the porch makeover I posted a few days ago.   I wish I had an unlimited budget for decorating but as I know it is for most people,  after the presents are bought there isn’t a lot left for the decorations.  Thankfully I’ve gotten a lot of hand me downs over the years and then I just try to get creative with the rest.

This was my first year truly decorating the porch.  Last year we had only been in the house for a good month or two and we didn’t have any proper exterior outlets so I didn’t really have the time, energy or means to decorate it.

So without further ado here she is:

IMG_1608 resized IMG_1616 resized

And here she is at night… ooooohh…..aahhhh…

IMG_3474 resized IMG_3478 resized

As you can see I hung big ole ornaments from ribbon in front.  For my patio chairs, I found some plaid fabric on clearance for $3.50 a yard, cut strips and wrapped the back cushions with it.   The little Christmas tree topiaries were a fun little project.  I just took a tomato cage and duct taped it upside down in a planter I had and wrapped the cage in prelit garland.  Add some ribbon and voila!  You got yourself a topiary.  Pretty neat trick!   I needed to weight them down though so they wouldn’t blow over.  I found something hanging around the house that Lord knows I haven’t been using for a few …cough, cough… months: my exercise weights.

IMG_1602 resized

Next time I don’t have the kids with me – you know like in a few years – I’m going to hit up an antique store for one of those old wooden sleds.  I would love to put some old skates on it and lean it next to the door.

All in all not bad for my first holiday porch.  And its been so nice out that I could actually probably enjoy some hot chocolate out on it although I wouldn’t mind a dusting of snow – oh come now settle down 😉


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