My First Craft Booth- How did it go?

Well I thought I would post a little follow up to let everyone know how my first craft booth went.   The crowd was on the light side and a lot of the people were definitely there for the garage sale booths that were set up (this was a everything goes sales – all kinds of booths: vendor, craft, and lots of garage sale booths). That being said I felt like I did pretty darn well and was very happy with the overall experience. I sold 5 aprons, took an order for a mommy and me set, 2 signs plus took an order for 2 more, both blanket ladders, 1 centerpiece box, 4 hotpads and 2 stuffed animals.  It was a pretty low key event so it was a good first time “fair” for me. Plus I was able to network with some other vendors who were super sweet. They gave me lots of good advice and also gave me information for other sales that are more geared towards vendor and crafts only.

So I’m definitely going to do another one.  It would be nice to maybe try to attend one every 2 -3 months.  I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting a custom order page on my site for the local area for farmhouse style furniture and signs.  Things like coffee tables, end tables, desks,  mudroom lockers, maybe even dining tables.   Its an exciting idea for me and scary too.   So many thoughts run through your head.   Could I ever really do it? Am I good enough yet?  We’ll see.  I know at this point  its not something I want to take on full time.  I decided to stay home with my kids for many reasons and the number one reason is right now I want them to be my number 1 priority. So whatever happens I need to keep that in mind and find the right balance.  I don’t really have a plan yet – I’m going to just keep going with the flow, following my heart and trusting in God to lead me in the right direction.

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered me supportive words and encouragement and to those who have purchased items.  I sincerely appreciate all of it and I don’t take it lightly at all.

I ‘ve been thinking about how to end this post and LOL comes to mind.  Many know that this is text language that is short for “laugh out loud” but my dad for a quite a while thought it was short for “lots of love”.  He kept sending us texts and ending them with LOL.  We didn’t know why he thought everything was so funny.  You know what though – I kind of like his thinking. So LOL everyone (lots of love)!


  1. Linda Bell Polowski

    Sounds like it was a positive experience. I like your Dad’s version of lol too.

  2. Matthew

    I’m so proud of you and excited for you. Everything you create is like a work of art so I wasn’t surprised at all when you sold so much!

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