A Father’s Day Story

Once upon a time there was a fifteen year old girl and as fifteen year old girls sometimes do, she was fretting about a boy.  It was a boy that she liked very much but she was scared that because he was two years older than her, he wouldn’t like her back.  So her father, who was a very good and caring father, talked with her, as he talked with her so many times before when she needed it.  He told her what a special girl he thought she was, he told her that if the boy was any boy at all whom he wanted dating his daughter, that he would also see how special she was.  He told her everything a good and caring father tells his daughter in moments like this.  One day that boy asked the girl out and she said yes.  The years went by and their love grew stronger and the boy asked the girl to marry him and again she said yes.  Their marriage blossomed, the boy and girl became a man and woman and after a few years they decided to bring a baby into the world.  Before they knew it they had two more babies; their family was complete. They were happy and the man became a wonderful father who did and said all the things good and caring fathers do.  Then one day the woman was surprised to learn they were going to have a fourth child.  The woman fretted again.  She fretted about how they would be able care for another baby.   But when the woman told the man he told her not to fret; he told her this was God’s plan.  He told her everything a good father and husband is supposed to tell his wife in a moment like that.   Soon they became a family of six and experienced more love than they could have ever imagined.   The husband was such a good father that he lifted his wife up to be an even better mother.   On the days the mother grew weary or stumbled and fell, the father was there to help pick her up.  And in those moments, the woman knew how very blessed she was for the all fathers in her life.


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