The Sour Cream Conundrum

In case this website and my projects may have given you some crazy impression that I have it all together all the time then let me tell you a little story about my night.

Actually it started about a week ago when I was getting my weekly grocery shopping coffee treat at the coffee shop kiosk. The shop is running a promotion for October for breast cancer awareness. The sweet employee waiting on me was telling me all about the different promotions. I decided to go ahead and get the pink coffee tumbler as I was in need of one anyway. I didn’t even looked at the price so when my coffee and new tumbler rang up to $45 dollars I tried not to look panicked. We have 4 kids and one income – I try to be careful with how I spend my money and I normally wouldn’t drop that much money on a coffee mug. After a 2 second freak out I decided to go through with my purchase reminding myself it was for a good cause and that I would also get $2 off my medium white chocolate mochas for the month of October for purchasing it.

Fast forward to tonight. It’s Friday and the kids are going a mile and minute as usual and I’m having a night where a bunch of little non-consequential things are going wrong. We are deciding what to make for supper when my husband remembers that we were planning to make a fun veggie dip but neither of us had remembered to pick up the sour cream we needed for it. Sensing I was a little flustered and could use a break,my husband said why don’t you go run town and get it so you can have a few minutes to yourself. Most moms out there can relate, I think, that you jump on a chance to get alone time – even if just to run for sour cream. As I headed out the door I grabbed my new pink coffee tumbler excited at the thought of treating myself to a bonus coffee for the week.

Once I got to the grocery store I hit up the coffee kiosk first. With my filled up pink tumbler I was feeling pretty darn good. The store was busy and I felt so relieved I could grab my sour cream without wrangling the kids. I walked up to the checkout area on a mission and was delighted to find an open register.

The lady working at the register took a look at my tumbler and raved “oh you got one of those tumblers! Oh I wanted one so bad – I love the color”.

I replied ” yeah they are really cute and I just noticed they are out already.”

She replied “yeah and my husband would have killed me if spent that much on a coffee mug!”

I immediately became flustered and didn’t really know what to say. A million different thoughts ran through my head in a second ranging from oh great she thinks I ‘m rich or snooty to who cares what she thinks – it was for a good cause. I quickly paid her for the sour cream, got my change and hurried out. I got to my car and tried to open the door realizing I had locked it and now my keys were in the dark abyss of my purse. I had to put everything down just to fish them out. Once I finally got into my car I decided to check my phone for messages only to find my phone frozen.

All the way home I was in a tizzy. Thinking of things I needed to do, trying to power down my phone and going over my silly reaction to the ladies innocent remarks. As I pulled into the yard and parked the car it hit me like a ton of bricks – I had no idea where the sour cream was that I had just purchased! Panicking I looked all over the seats. Nothing!! Trying to remember back I had no recollection of the said sour cream since the checkout. Foggily I recalled that in my preoccupied mind set regarding the tumbler discussion I don’t remember the lady giving me the bag nor me taking it. As the reality that I had forgotten the one thing I went to the grocery store for sunk in I started to panic. How the heck was I going to explain this?! My family is going to think I’m going crazy! Maybe I am going crazy!!

Just then my five year old came bounding up to the car “mommy where’s the sour cream? I thought you went to the store for sour cream!” I mumbled a white lie that they were out and shuffled into the house.

Once inside I looked at my husband and broke down. “What’s the matter?!” He asked bewildered .

” I forgot the sour cream!” I blurted out.

“Okaaaay? My puzzled husband replied “well why are you so upset – these things happen”.

“No I’m a stay at home mom! I’m suppose to have these things together. Who forgets the one thing they went to the store for … At the store…after they paid for it!?!”

Later that night after I was done throwing myself a “I’m going crazy” pity party. I was rummaging for chocolate (since I was on a diet and all). I looked at my husband and said “Next time you are going to the store.  You’ll remember the sour cream and you’ll bring home a treat!”

So folks the lesson here, we all have those days where nothing seems to go right but really there’s no use crying over forgotten sour cream but for goodness sake at least remember some chocolate next time!


  1. Jill T

    luv this story….these things happen to us all…haha…..makes for good story telling and even better blog posts!

  2. Trudy

    You make me smile. I love it.
    I have had all the kids with me grocery shopping, asked for drive up… then drove home without my groceries multiple times. Park in the driveway and see the numbers sitting on my seat *sigh* reverse… kids ask “Mom, where are we going”… to get our groceries I just bought.

    I think after pregnancy brain, we are left with mom brain for life. 😉

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