Spreading the Valentine’s Day Love

So I told you I would share in my journey of spreading some love and positivity this year.  I have to admit its a little uncomfortable to share the journey – again,  I’m not looking for pats on the back I just feel that now more then ever with all the negativity spreading around social media, we need to be the good we want to see in the world.

I was thinking about what might be a good first project for me to take on this month – one that the whole family could get involved in. After a little brain storming I decided to have the kids to help me  make and deliver valentines day cards to the residents of our local Good Samaritan Center.   It took a little bit of planning,  I knew I couldn’t just say “hey kids we are going to sit down and make 66 valentines day cards!”.  Their attention spans would have probably gotten them through about three maybe.  So I did some research on my craft mecca otherwise known as Pinterest and got 10 or 11 different designs.  I pre-cut all the patterns to make it easier for the smaller ones and then every night for a week the whole family (including my wonderful hubby) would sit down and we would each put together 2 or 3 valentines.    It worked out pretty good to have patterns which gave them direction but still allowed them to make them their own.

I will admit there were days that the kids didn’t want to sit down and make the valentines – they would have rather watched TV or played Mario Cart – but that’s why it is so important to me to involve them.  This is teaching them so many lessons.  We talked a lot about giving their time for others graciously and with a cheerful heart as well as how much it might mean to someone to get a homemade valentine who maybe hasn’t gotten one in a while.  Plus I knew when the kids saw the smiles on the resident’s faces after they had given them their card – it would make the fruits of their labors that much sweeter.

And it was sweet.

We were all a little nervous  to deliver the cards – it brings you a bit out of your comfort zone to go out and talk to people you don’t know.  I knew the residents would enjoy seeing the kids and getting the cards, I just didn’t know (and neither did they) how much the kids would enjoy giving them.  Everyone who received a card was so appreciative and happy – I could see the excitement building up in my kids as we walked around delivering them.  I felt like they really got to experience first hand that they had made a positive impact, that even they had the power to make a difference in someone’s day.  It was so much fun, so uplifting and the perfect way to start our journey.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Go out there and spread the love!




  1. Julie Johnson

    What an awesome learning experience for your kiddos to take part in …. such a great idea, Heather !!

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