Laundry Room Makeover

Parents spend a lot of time in the laundry room.  With 4 kids I spend A LOT of time in there.  I feel so lucky to actually have a dedicated space to do my laundry.  When we moved in it was pretty much blank space.  Here’s a picture.

Laundry Room Before

But then I started doing some work on it – we got new flooring, I painted and replaced the laminate wall covering with bead board. All while trying to get all our luandry done and while trying to cram WAY too many items in it.  Because of that for a few months it looked more like this:


Shutter. I’m literally shuttering at that picture.

Because it was such a disaster this is where the unfolded laundry that I let pile up because I had become so unorganized ended up a lot of times.


In my front entry way.  Most times I would fold it on my dining room table which meant a lot suppers were not being held in our beautiful dining room.

I needed to focus on getting control back on the laundry room folks.  I needed to stop the madness!!!  My ultimate goal (which is really my goal with most of the rooms in my house) was to get as much function in the space while spending as little money as possible.

First I started by just cleaning out and downsizing things.  I was so overwhelmed by having such a nice big space (which is right off my kitchen) when we moved in that I thought I could pretty much store anything and everything there.  I was using it for extra pantry items, extra small appliances, cleaning items and laundry.  I went through all my small appliances and kept  only the ones I truly use.  The ones that get used often were put in my actual kitchen (go figure) and the rest that are used like once a year were put on a shelf down in our basement.

Without further ado I’m going to show you the after and then breakdown what I did:



For the pantry items at first I was going to build shelving but then I realized that would be a waste of money when I already had two units that could work.


They were laminate prebuilt units though and I wanted to give them more character.  I decided to cover the faux butcherblock counter with reclaimed wood I had on hand and then I stacked the units so it now looks like a little hutch. I also spray painted the handles a dark bronze and got some fresh inexpensive grey baskets that would compliment the barn wood counter ( the brown baskets were utilized elsewhere in my house).  I actually love how it turned out.


Next I decided to do a gallery wall.  I love gallery walls but I’ve always been nervous to do one because:

  1. I don’t really have a large wall in any of my other rooms
  2. All the other walls in my house are plaster and when you try to put holes in them you feel like a wood pecker.  Seriously i hit those walls with a hammer and my hold body is left vibrating like a cartoon.
  3. Gallery walls remind me of the messy bun look of my long hair days – it was supposed to look totally natural, carefree and take two minutes however when I tried to do them it took me about 45 minutes and probably 145 bobby pins to get every strand just right.  I was scared my gallery wall would end up looking totally straight/boring while I put 145 extra holes in the wall getting it just right.

Well I decided to go for it anyway.  I kind of organized it on the floor before I put it on the wall and I’m proud to say there were only 2 extra holes. I used all items I already had I made a couple little things:

A sign I printed out on cute paper and framed


and this sign. I used an wood from an old school desk I had acquired and then painted the words on.


Also, I wanted to incorporate the mothers day gift my 7 year old son made.  I hung it from an old hook with an old window frame as the backdrop.


Here is the whole wall.


An old ironing board I found at my grandma’s serves as the shelf above my washer and dryer.


The next area, I’m super excited about – I have to believe its going to be life changing for me – as in no more piled up laundry on my dining room table life changing.  Its my new folding station I built!


I used this plan   .  I made two of them and then covered it with more reclaimed barn wood. I am in LOVE with the organization it provides me.  Everyone gets their own basket.  All laundry is folded and put in the corresponding basket.  When your basket is full each person – adult or child (if old enough) needs to put their clothes away and bring back their basket.  I’ve only been utilizing it for a couple weeks but its working really well so far.  Having a pretty laundry room is great motivation for keeping it clean and putting things away.


The cabinets I mounted above actually don’t even match.  One is from project in our old house I never got around to and the other is an old one from above our fridge.  I had to remove it when we got a bigger fridge.  I painted them both white and spray painted the knobs to match as well.

Yes we buy paper towels and kleenex in bulk! 🙂


On the opposite wall I hung an AMAZING old, chippy hook board (not sure what to call it) and hung some of my homemade aprons.  Above that I hung a sign I had made for a craft fair.  It was the only one that didn’t sell so I guess it was destined to be in my house.


Last I sewed a quick and easy faux roll up shade using some fabric I had on hand.  You make a simple panel and then roll it up and secure it with rope or twine.


So there you have it! I’m so excited about my fresh new laundry room look – as you can tell since I’ve been rambling on about each and every detail.  If you’ve read all of this you are amazing!!  Happy Laundering!









  1. Dyan

    I’m amazed at the beauty of your home! I love reading your blog, and checking out your pictures. ❤️ Thanks for sharing all of your talents! Maybe one day I can borrow a few of your ideas to try and organize my own home. Haha!

    • hjalmen

      Thank you so much Dyan!! You are always so sweet and encouraging! Its a beautiful house that we feel very blessed to live in. All the love and history of this home inspires me to create!

    • hjalmen

      Thank you Mary! It means a lot that family likes what I’m doing with the house! Hugs!!

  2. Veronica

    Love it!! Do you know how long it would take me to just put the tissue boxes in a cute order on that shelf?!?! ?❤️

    • hjalmen

      LOL!! I would be lying if I said I didn’t take the time to make sure there was none of the same colors next to each other. I would also be lying if I said I’m not going to be upset when Puffs changes their box design!

  3. Love your laudry room. I don’t have one at home. Have to use some kitchen space to fold and living room space to iron and separate per owner after ironing. The idea of the individual basket is awesome. maybe I’ll try it sometime.

    • hjalmen

      Thank you so much for stopping by and looking!! I really appreciate it! I also super impressed that you iron – I am horrible at it!!

  4. Sara Visser

    I am so encouraged to see a woman embrace motherhood and homemaking the way you do! This is SO IMPORTANT- and it is one of the greatest privileges that God gives women. Keep up the nice work!

  5. Jill T

    It looks fantastic! There’s nothing better than a good transformation in my books! Great job!

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