Small Changes in a Small Bathroom Make a Big Impact

TweetSometimes people joke with me when they see pictures of the farmhouse and say “I want to come live with you!”  and I always joke back,  “Ok but I’m warning you there’s only 1 bathroom!” Old houses are super packed with charm but they can have some challenges too.  We are lucky ours doesn’t have … [Read more…]

Laundry Room Makeover

TweetParents spend a lot of time in the laundry room.  With 4 kids I spend A LOT of time in there.  I feel so lucky to actually have a dedicated space to do my laundry.  When we moved in it was pretty much blank space.  Here’s a picture. But then I started doing some work … [Read more…]

Office Makeover

TweetOur office is pretty hardworking – its my sewing room, craft room, office, Matt’s office, his photo editing space and the guitar room.  Oh and its also the smallest room in the house.  Typical.  Matthew and I have always shared an office – even when we didn’t have too.  We are just one of those … [Read more…]

Jack’s Room Reveal – Finally!!

TweetWhen  I was younger, as most kids, I had pretty active imagination.  I remember my favorite game was to pretend I was a gymnast. I would catapult and do flips off my grandma’s davenport (yes that’s what she used to call her couch and yes she was super lenient with me).  I would also jump … [Read more…]

The Front Porch

TweetYou know we have been having a lot of chats on my porch and it has occurred to me that I don’t have my porch on my farmhouse tour yet. So please grab drink of your choice and settle in for a bunch of pictures of the story of our porch makeover. Seriously we took … [Read more…]

Reading Nook

TweetOne of my favorite things to do as a child was to read so I love watching my kids discovering the joy of reading as well. I really want to encourage it as much as I can. When I was younger I always loved to find fun spots to read in. I would climb trees … [Read more…]

A Farmhouse Stairwell

TweetIn many homes the stairwell is a focal point – grand with beautiful banisters.  But in a lot of  old, hardworking farmhouses the stairwells weren’t there for looks.  They were built to serve a purpose – point blankly to get you from one floor to the next.   I would say our stairwell falls into … [Read more…]

Kitchen Remodel

TweetDisclaimer:  This post is going to be a long one cuz I’m so crazy happy with how the kitchen turned out.  With 4 kiddos most of the work got done after bedtime and we would work well into the night.  We literally poured our blood sweat and tears into this one and I couldn’t be … [Read more…]

Mudroom Closet Transformation

TweetIn a perfect world every house would be built with a beautiful full size mudroom.  However most of us are lucky to even have this:   And if you have kids there’s a good chance it looks something more like this: I realize the doors are off in this picture but come on – when … [Read more…]