Cheesy Chicken Wild Rice Soup

TweetWell you can officially start planning those “Soup”erbowl parties.  Here’s one last recipe to add to your soup arsenal.  This recipe can be as easy as you want it to be.  I like to use it as one of my go to quick and easy ones so a lot of times I will just pick … [Read more…]

Window Trim and Wine

TweetIt’s done!!! That last piece of window trim that I needed to cut and put back up after the kitchen remodel last summer is done!  Why is it that the little details always take the longest to get done?  It didn’t take all that long to do it – there were just so many more … [Read more…]

The Almost Complete Toy Bin

TweetSo I am one of those people who gets a present for someone and then can’t wait for them to open it.  I’m just not great at dealing with anticipation.  That’s why I’m giving you a peak at the second item I just got done building for Jack’s room . Its the almost complete vertical … [Read more…]

Dump Soup

TweetSuperbowl is coming up  and in honor of that I thought I would share a couple tasty soup recipes over the next couple weeks. They are super easy and super delicious and perfect for a “soup”erbowl party. See how I did that?! Clever right? I know I just shared a soup recipe but its cold … [Read more…]

Jack’s Room – The Desk

TweetThere’s going to be some changes around here very soon folks.  The changing of the rooms – kind of like changing of the guards – but not really at all. ;P   We have 4 bedrooms upstairs.  There is the master, then my daughter has her own, and currently my older two boys are sharing … [Read more…]

I’m a Mom – Just Call Me Dori the Fish

TweetI know this sounds goofy and far fetched but sometimes I think moms and Dori the fish from Nemo have a lot in common. Mainly FORGETFULNESS. Right off the bat there is the whole pregnancy and delivery.  For a lot of women  9 months of pregnancy can be pretty unbearable and the delivery part/aftermath…well I … [Read more…]

Country Potato Chowder

TweetIt’s COLD outside. You know what that means….it’s time for soup!  This is another wonderful recipe I acquired from my old boss. I’ve tweaked it just a little to lighten it up a bit but it’s still super creamy, super hearty and super delicious.  And like a lot of great soups it just gets better … [Read more…]

An Apron Fit for a Princess

TweetI have a lovely little princess in my life who has a birthday coming up.  I wanted to make her a special present and decided to sew her a princess inspired apron. She could use it for cooking or just for some fun dress up.  After talking to her mom I decided to go for … [Read more…]

Unexpected Fun on the Coulee

TweetSometimes its hard when you have small kids.  Duh, right! Thank you Captain Obvious.  What I’m trying to say is sometimes its hard to do the things you want to with kids – to show them things and to play with them and to have fun with them.  You plan these grand adventures and then … [Read more…]