TweetTreat yourself to¬† some yummy slush – whether you want to turn into a slush is up to you ūüėȬ†¬†¬† I got this recipe from my mother-in-law.¬†She usually serves¬†it with 7-up but my sisters and I¬†found out that it tastes even better with¬†champagne (but really what doesn’t taste better with champagne?).¬†¬†My MIL likes to¬†makes this … [Read more…]

This Ain’t My First Rodeo but….

TweetThis ain’t my first rodeo but there is¬† a new bull in the ring. I think its safe to say¬† my last baby is now in toddler mode.¬† I’m not sure why they call it the terrible 2’s.¬† Was it suppose to mean the terrible next 2 -3 years? Cuz I’m pretty sure that’s how … [Read more…]

A Christmas Bonus!

TweetBonuses are fun! Cash bonuses… baby bonuses…. but since I can’t give you a cash or baby bonuses (you will have to work on those things yourself) I will give you a sign bonus!¬† I had planned on making three signs this holiday season but I had someone fall in love with my Elf sign … [Read more…]

Chips Are Free. Taco Dip Is Extra!

TweetI dare you not to eat the entire plate of this dip. It is soooo yummy. My former boss is an amazing cook and he did his best to keep his employees fat and happy.¬† He brought this to work one day and I have been hooked ever since. ¬† I’m making it to bring … [Read more…]

Feliz Navidad! Beef & Cheese Enchiladas

TweetFeliz Navidad!¬† Before I met my husband I didn’t really eat Mexican food – I had never even been to a Mexican Restaurant.¬† I remember on one of our first dates he brought me to a local Mexican Restaurant.¬† At that time I had no tolerance for spicy food.¬† I ordered the very basic burrito … [Read more…]

One Last Present – Because I Couldn’t Resist

Tweet One day when I was waiting to pick up my kiddos at the bus stop after school I was wasting time and perusing Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite ways to waste time but its oh so dangerous.¬† Anyone who goes on Pinterest knows its a black hole of crafty ideas that can suck … [Read more…]

Make A Cute Bag for Your Little Monster

TweetI think all little kids go through the hoarding phase.¬† My little man Jack has¬† a favorite things collection that he just loves to haul around.¬† Its full of these horribly ugly little characters call trashies.¬† Don’t know what they are? Just ask him and you will know more than you ever wanted to about … [Read more…]

Super Hero Capes All Around

Tweet I have quite a few little super heroes in my life. (Or as my Jack used to call them -pooper heroes. I miss that!)¬† One day when I was in Hobby Lobby I came across a little pamphlet that gave directions on making¬† a super hero cape. I thought this would be the perfect … [Read more…]

Feeling Like My Old Elf Self

TweetI’ve been making crafts since I was a little girl.¬† I grew up on the same farm as my Grandma Frances and spent hours at her house.¬† She taught me to sew by embroidering flour sack towels and she would buy little craft kits for us to do together.¬†¬† It carried on with me as … [Read more…]

This Momma’s Christmas Wish

TweetThe last sign I made said BELIEVE on it. I think it spoke to me because that’s my Christmas wish this year: to get one more year where all my children still believe in Santa. My oldest is in third grade and I know soon she will begin questioning or one of her friends will … [Read more…]