Office Makeover

TweetOur office is pretty hardworking – its my sewing room, craft room, office, Matt’s office, his photo editing space and the guitar room.  Oh and its also the smallest room in the house.  Typical.  Matthew and I have always shared an office – even when we didn’t have too.  We are just one of those … [Read more…]

One-Pot Spaghetti

TweetSpaghetti is always a big crowd pleaser in my house.  But for as simple as it is to make it sure does take up a lot of pots and pans.  You have your pot to boil your noodles, your pot to make your sauce and your pan to fry your ground beef.  So when I … [Read more…]

Excuse Me While I Get My Geek On

TweetWe had to get a new washer as our old one took a dive recently.  It was starting to sell like horrible rotten eggs meaning water wasn’t properly draining right. But then the real kicker came when it started to smell like it was on fire.  I’m not a washing machine expert but I know … [Read more…]

Jack’s Room Reveal – Finally!!

TweetWhen  I was younger, as most kids, I had pretty active imagination.  I remember my favorite game was to pretend I was a gymnast. I would catapult and do flips off my grandma’s davenport (yes that’s what she used to call her couch and yes she was super lenient with me).  I would also jump … [Read more…]

I Love Chalk! Chalky, Chalk, Chalk!

TweetIt’s movie trivia time! What Movie did I model my title of  today’s post from?  Answer at bottom of the post. I’ve been pulling some late nights trying to finish up Jack’s room and I’m thisclose!  I’m hoping to be finished in the next few days. In the meantime though I had some fun with … [Read more…]

Valentine, I’m WILD About You!

TweetYou know what I love about Valentines Day? I love those adorkable little sayings you see on kids cards. You know the ones – there is a picture of train and it says “I choo-choo choose you”.   Its like the one day of the year you can be completely corny and its absolutely cute … [Read more…]

Thanking God for Unanswered Prayers

TweetRecently we were going through some pictures and we came across these gems. My husband, Matthew, and I had been dating for just a little over a month and we were going to our first prom together.  These were our first pictures together as a couple and the really neat part is – they were … [Read more…]

A Little Valentine’s Day Love

TweetLove is in the air! Love is a many splendid thing! All you need is love!! Valentines Day is right around the corner! I know that some people hate Valentine’s Day. You might not have a significant other right now. You might think it puts too much pressure on people.  I have found that over … [Read more…]

Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

TweetI served this at Christmas time and my sister recently asked me for the recipe so I thought I would share it with all of you.  It’s crock pot hot chocolate and boy is it sooo good.  The weather looks like it is suppose to be beautiful this weekend so I hope you can get … [Read more…]