A Moment of Pause

TweetYou will never hear me say it’s better to be a stay at home mother or a working mother – that there is a right and a wrong way. I’ve lived both ways now and I truly believe that it’s a very personal decision and it’s not easy either way.   If you are lucky enough … [Read more…]

Thank Goodness for Spills ;)

TweetI’ve been trying hard to have less freak outs over the endless spills in my house – for my sake and my kid’s sakes. So today when Trey spilled his full glass of juice all over his lunch, the table and floor the minute after I served it to him, I took a deep breath … [Read more…]

Thank you!

TweetIt’s my first month anniversary in the blog world and I have to say I’m having great fun.  Having  a blog is a weird thing.  I feel like I’m sitting on my front porch talking to you but I don’t know who “you”are.  I don’t know who’s reading it, how many people are reading it, … [Read more…]

Some Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

Tweet My side of the family has been doing a Halloween party for the last few years.    We are  a little spread out across the state now and everyone’s lives are so busy that it is just a nice excuse to get together and and let the cousins see each others costumes.    Matthew and I … [Read more…]

These Lists Comes with an Extra Reminder

TweetI love lists!  On any given day I have multiple lists going.   Grocery lists, to do lists, house project list, Christmas lists,budget lists, packing lists, Target and Walmart lists.  I think I have even made lists about my lists.  I love them.  They make me feel organized and its almost therapeutic for me to make … [Read more…]


TweetSo I’m starting a blog!  One of my favorite movie quotes comes to mind here.  Its from Jurassic Park (the original – yes I’m dating myself  a little here to some) “Hold on to your butts!”.  The truth is I’m a  little nervous. So nervous in fact that while I’ve been trying to decide what … [Read more…]