My Motivational Parenting Speech

TweetOccasionally I get comments when I’m out and about from people saying they enjoy my blog and projects.  I want thank everyone who takes the time to read it – it’s completely humbling to me.  Sometimes I’m caught off guard by it too – I think I kind of forget for a second that what … [Read more…]

Excuse Me While I Get My Geek On

TweetWe had to get a new washer as our old one took a dive recently.  It was starting to sell like horrible rotten eggs meaning water wasn’t properly draining right. But then the real kicker came when it started to smell like it was on fire.  I’m not a washing machine expert but I know … [Read more…]

Thanking God for Unanswered Prayers

TweetRecently we were going through some pictures and we came across these gems. My husband, Matthew, and I had been dating for just a little over a month and we were going to our first prom together.  These were our first pictures together as a couple and the really neat part is – they were … [Read more…]

A Little Valentine’s Day Love

TweetLove is in the air! Love is a many splendid thing! All you need is love!! Valentines Day is right around the corner! I know that some people hate Valentine’s Day. You might not have a significant other right now. You might think it puts too much pressure on people.  I have found that over … [Read more…]

Window Trim and Wine

TweetIt’s done!!! That last piece of window trim that I needed to cut and put back up after the kitchen remodel last summer is done!  Why is it that the little details always take the longest to get done?  It didn’t take all that long to do it – there were just so many more … [Read more…]

I’m a Mom – Just Call Me Dori the Fish

TweetI know this sounds goofy and far fetched but sometimes I think moms and Dori the fish from Nemo have a lot in common. Mainly FORGETFULNESS. Right off the bat there is the whole pregnancy and delivery.  For a lot of women  9 months of pregnancy can be pretty unbearable and the delivery part/aftermath…well I … [Read more…]

Unexpected Fun on the Coulee

TweetSometimes its hard when you have small kids.  Duh, right! Thank you Captain Obvious.  What I’m trying to say is sometimes its hard to do the things you want to with kids – to show them things and to play with them and to have fun with them.  You plan these grand adventures and then … [Read more…]

This Ain’t My First Rodeo but….

TweetThis ain’t my first rodeo but there is  a new bull in the ring. I think its safe to say  my last baby is now in toddler mode.  I’m not sure why they call it the terrible 2’s.  Was it suppose to mean the terrible next 2 -3 years? Cuz I’m pretty sure that’s how … [Read more…]