A Christmas Bonus!

TweetBonuses are fun! Cash bonuses… baby bonuses…. but since I can’t give you a cash or baby bonuses (you will have to work on those things yourself) I will give you a sign bonus!  I had planned on making three signs this holiday season but I had someone fall in love with my Elf sign … [Read more…]

Feeling Like My Old Elf Self

TweetI’ve been making crafts since I was a little girl.  I grew up on the same farm as my Grandma Frances and spent hours at her house.  She taught me to sew by embroidering flour sack towels and she would buy little craft kits for us to do together.   It carried on with me as … [Read more…]

This Momma’s Christmas Wish

TweetThe last sign I made said BELIEVE on it. I think it spoke to me because that’s my Christmas wish this year: to get one more year where all my children still believe in Santa. My oldest is in third grade and I know soon she will begin questioning or one of her friends will … [Read more…]

A Farm Winter Wonderland

TweetSometimes when I’m deciding if I should write about something I have to really think about if people will actually care about it or not.  Today’s post though is mainly for the Almen family.  It was such a beautiful day at the farm.  It’s like the sun and the land were showing off and daring … [Read more…]

Christmas Countdown

TweetWho still does the holiday paper chain countdown?!  We do! I make them color each strip just to make the project last longer too – I know slave driver right? We usually take a link off every night at bedtime.  Well last night we forgot and my early riser daughter woke me up at 5:00 … [Read more…]

Our First Holiday Porch

TweetIt’s Christmas time!!! It’s after Thanksgiving now so I can officially say that without fear (I hope) of someone wanting to punch me.  I LOVE Christmas time.  I’ve been on a decorating high.  We still haven’t got our tree yet – we get a real one so my sensible husband makes us wait until the … [Read more…]

A Family Picture – the Outtakes

TweetI shared some family pictures we had taken this past weekend on Facebook land.  I’ve been wanting to get a nice family picture for forever now.  We take really fun ones of the kids all year long but usually they are just individual ones.  Its that elusive family picture I was after.  So in case … [Read more…]

A Holiday Season Reminder

TweetThe holidays are upon us! I am beyond excited! So as we enter the holiday season here is a good reminder to myself and to any family out there with kids. Adjust your expectations and enjoy the moments as they come. Don’t try to force it. We all have the Norman Rockwell dreams but I’m … [Read more…]

Open for Business!

TweetWell as I stated in my very first blog post “hold on to your butts”! The My Inspired Farmhouse apron shop page is open for business. An Apron Shop page is located at the top of the website in the menu list. I’ve never done this before so I am excited and honestly a little … [Read more…]

Apron Announcement!

Tweet   I love aprons.   I love how I think of my grandma when I wear one, I love how pretty they are and I love how when I spill all over myself – which I always do ( I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with my kiddos and their spills) … [Read more…]