Lessons From A ToothFairy

Some people who read this next post may give me a big collective “duh – how did you not know that!?”  But I feel like I really need to make this public service announcement to all new parents out there who might be as naive as I once was.  If this changes just one parent’s life … [Read more…]

A Sunny Sitting Area

So I have to admit it has taken me awhile to get my house back to normal decor wise after the Christmas season.  I loved my Christmas decor so much and although I was ready to take it down, I’m afraid I got a case of the blahs when I looked around afterwards.    Oh … [Read more…]

Decking the Halls – Week 4

It’s the last week of my decking the halls series. Actually it’s a day or two early that I’m writing this but it’s like  -40 windchill outside and all the kids are actually staying busy so I thought it was a good time to squeeze a post in.  I’ve had fun sharing my projects with … [Read more…]

Decking the Halls -Week 3

Only two more weeks until Christmas!! I hope you have all been checking off your Elf lists: making snow angles for two hours, going ice skating, eating a whole roll of toll house cookie dough as fast as you can and then snuggling.  Haven’t quite hit everything on the list?  Don’t worry – there’s still … [Read more…]

Decking the Halls – Week 1

It’s Christmas and with that comes a lot of activities you do in excess: eating, drinking , laughing with friends and family, swearing while you try to figure out where you set down your scissors and/or tape as you wrap presents 😜 – is that last one just me?! Another thing I do in excess … [Read more…]