Rhubarb Cake

  I hate to brag but I have a little talent.  I’ve come to realize that if you give me something healthy like a fruit or vegetable I can almost always turn it into into something carb loaded, fat ladened, or just a complete sugar bomb.  Rhubarb is no exception but in my defense I … [Read more…]

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung on my front porch and the rest of the farm!  Its such a 180 from last year at this time.   Right about now we were busy ripping up old carpet and plywood so we could replace the floor on the porch and this year I’m doing fun stuff like decorating and sipping … [Read more…]

Don’t Blink.

I remember being little and going on a walk with my mom. We were talking and I was probably chatting her ear off and I remember telling her how it felt like it was taking forever to grow up.  To this day I still remember her telling me that she felt like it was going … [Read more…]

My Motivational Parenting Speech

Occasionally I get comments when I’m out and about from people saying they enjoy my blog and projects.  I want thank everyone who takes the time to read it – it’s completely humbling to me.  Sometimes I’m caught off guard by it too – I think I kind of forget for a second that what … [Read more…]

Grandma’s Cookies…Almost!

Grandma Betty is the quintessential grandma – sweet, caring, loving and she bakes like a… well like  a grandma!  She makes the best Special K bars you will ever eat and then there are her chocolate cookies.  Oh those chocolate cookies.  She would bake them and keep them in an ice cream bucket in the … [Read more…]

Office Makeover

Our office is pretty hardworking – its my sewing room, craft room, office, Matt’s office, his photo editing space and the guitar room.  Oh and its also the smallest room in the house.  Typical.  Matthew and I have always shared an office – even when we didn’t have too.  We are just one of those … [Read more…]