Don’t Blink.

I remember being little and going on a walk with my mom. We were talking and I was probably chatting her ear off and I remember telling her how it felt like it was taking forever to grow up.  To this day I still remember her telling me that she felt like it was going … [Read more…]

My Motivational Parenting Speech

Occasionally I get comments when I’m out and about from people saying they enjoy my blog and projects.  I want thank everyone who takes the time to read it – it’s completely humbling to me.  Sometimes I’m caught off guard by it too – I think I kind of forget for a second that what … [Read more…]

Grandma’s Cookies…Almost!

Grandma Betty is the quintessential grandma – sweet, caring, loving and she bakes like a… well like  a grandma!  She makes the best Special K bars you will ever eat and then there are her chocolate cookies.  Oh those chocolate cookies.  She would bake them and keep them in an ice cream bucket in the … [Read more…]

Office Makeover

Our office is pretty hardworking – its my sewing room, craft room, office, Matt’s office, his photo editing space and the guitar room.  Oh and its also the smallest room in the house.  Typical.  Matthew and I have always shared an office – even when we didn’t have too.  We are just one of those … [Read more…]

One-Pot Spaghetti

Spaghetti is always a big crowd pleaser in my house.  But for as simple as it is to make it sure does take up a lot of pots and pans.  You have your pot to boil your noodles, your pot to make your sauce and your pan to fry your ground beef.  So when I … [Read more…]