Eat the Meatball!

Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat BALL!  Eat the meatball!! This is something we chant on meatball night in our house and you must punch your fists up in the air while you are doing it. The kids saw it once on one of their cartoons and we’ve been doing it ever since.  When you … [Read more…]

A Moment of Pause

You will never hear me say it’s better to be a stay at home mother or a working mother – that there is a right and a wrong way. I’ve lived both ways now and I truly believe that it’s a very personal decision and it’s not easy either way.   If you are lucky enough … [Read more…]

Thank Goodness for Spills ;)

I’ve been trying hard to have less freak outs over the endless spills in my house – for my sake and my kid’s sakes. So today when Trey spilled his full glass of juice all over his lunch, the table and floor the minute after I served it to him, I took a deep breath … [Read more…]

Thank you!

It’s my first month anniversary in the blog world and I have to say I’m having great fun.  Having  a blog is a weird thing.  I feel like I’m sitting on my front porch talking to you but I don’t know who “you”are.  I don’t know who’s reading it, how many people are reading it, … [Read more…]


They say admitting your addiction is the first step so here goes…my name is Heather and I am addicted to making signs.  I’m not sure how this happened.  It snuck up on me like most addictions I suppose.  You were all with me when I made my first sign.  The spooktacular halloween sign and now … [Read more…]

A Farmhouse Stairwell

In many homes the stairwell is a focal point – grand with beautiful banisters.  But in a lot of  old, hardworking farmhouses the stairwells weren’t there for looks.  They were built to serve a purpose – point blankly to get you from one floor to the next.   I would say our stairwell falls into … [Read more…]

Kitchen Remodel

Disclaimer:  This post is going to be a long one cuz I’m so crazy happy with how the kitchen turned out.  With 4 kiddos most of the work got done after bedtime and we would work well into the night.  We literally poured our blood sweat and tears into this one and I couldn’t be … [Read more…]