Now that’s a Pizza!

So I’m trying make good on my promise to share my pizza recipe.  I’ve been trying to squeeze this post in for a couple weeks but I’ve gotten busy in my esty shop with Christmas orders.  What a fabulous problem to have!  I’ve also been working here and there on a few projects around the … [Read more…]

Another Halloween Extravaganza in the Books!

Yesterday we had our annual Halloween Extravaganza with my family. It also happened to be the 2 year anniversary for my own little family living on the farm.  I can’t think of a better way to have spent it – lots of fun, laughter and tradition.  We started the party by bobbing for apples.  Have … [Read more…]

You Make Me Happy

One morning a couple days ago I was playing with my two year old son and I was laughing at some silly thing he was doing and I said the words “you make me happy”.  He repeated it with his little speech impediment that makes a two year old’s speech so adorable “I make you … [Read more…]

The Sour Cream Conundrum

In case this website and my projects may have given you some crazy impression that I have it all together all the time then let me tell you a little story about my night. Actually it started about a week ago when I was getting my weekly grocery shopping coffee treat at the coffee shop … [Read more…]

I’m back! Just in time for Fall at the farm!

Its been a while since I’ve posted – I almost forgot how!   I’m only half joking here!  I’m ok with technology but this blogging mumbojumbo jargon does not come naturally to me.  I just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get a Subscribe button on my blog.  Oh yeah that reminds me, … [Read more…]

Laundry Room Makeover

Parents spend a lot of time in the laundry room.  With 4 kids I spend A LOT of time in there.  I feel so lucky to actually have a dedicated space to do my laundry.  When we moved in it was pretty much blank space.  Here’s a picture. But then I started doing some work … [Read more…]

Lena’s Strawberry Pie

Strawberries are finally in season and that means it’s time to make my mother-in-law’s amazing strawberry pie. It’s so easy, super refreshing and insanely delicious! As you can see from one of my favorite pictures of my son from about 5 years ago – it’s a family favorite! Strawberry Pie Pie Crust: 1 1/3 C … [Read more…]

A Quick and Easy Chair Makeover

It’s summer!  We’ve been busy with baseball, pool time, yard work and all the fun things summer has to offer.  Since last summer was such a blur and we were working so hard on the house we made a conscious decision to really focus on the kids and their activities this year.  It’s left very … [Read more…]

A Father’s Day Story

Once upon a time there was a fifteen year old girl and as fifteen year old girls sometimes do, she was fretting about a boy.  It was a boy that she liked very much but she was scared that because he was two years older than her, he wouldn’t like her back.  So her father, … [Read more…]