Laundry Room Makeover

TweetParents spend a lot of time in the laundry room.  With 4 kids I spend A LOT of time in there.  I feel so lucky to actually have a dedicated space to do my laundry.  When we moved in it was pretty much blank space.  Here’s a picture. But then I started doing some work … [Read more…]

A Quick and Easy Chair Makeover

TweetIt’s summer!  We’ve been busy with baseball, pool time, yard work and all the fun things summer has to offer.  Since last summer was such a blur and we were working so hard on the house we made a conscious decision to really focus on the kids and their activities this year.  It’s left very … [Read more…]

Spring has Sprung!

TweetSpring has sprung on my front porch and the rest of the farm!  Its such a 180 from last year at this time.   Right about now we were busy ripping up old carpet and plywood so we could replace the floor on the porch and this year I’m doing fun stuff like decorating and sipping … [Read more…]

I Love Chalk! Chalky, Chalk, Chalk!

TweetIt’s movie trivia time! What Movie did I model my title of  today’s post from?  Answer at bottom of the post. I’ve been pulling some late nights trying to finish up Jack’s room and I’m thisclose!  I’m hoping to be finished in the next few days. In the meantime though I had some fun with … [Read more…]

Valentine, I’m WILD About You!

TweetYou know what I love about Valentines Day? I love those adorkable little sayings you see on kids cards. You know the ones – there is a picture of train and it says “I choo-choo choose you”.   Its like the one day of the year you can be completely corny and its absolutely cute … [Read more…]

A Little Valentine’s Day Love

TweetLove is in the air! Love is a many splendid thing! All you need is love!! Valentines Day is right around the corner! I know that some people hate Valentine’s Day. You might not have a significant other right now. You might think it puts too much pressure on people.  I have found that over … [Read more…]

The Almost Complete Toy Bin

TweetSo I am one of those people who gets a present for someone and then can’t wait for them to open it.  I’m just not great at dealing with anticipation.  That’s why I’m giving you a peak at the second item I just got done building for Jack’s room . Its the almost complete vertical … [Read more…]

Jack’s Room – The Desk

TweetThere’s going to be some changes around here very soon folks.  The changing of the rooms – kind of like changing of the guards – but not really at all. ;P   We have 4 bedrooms upstairs.  There is the master, then my daughter has her own, and currently my older two boys are sharing … [Read more…]

An Apron Fit for a Princess

TweetI have a lovely little princess in my life who has a birthday coming up.  I wanted to make her a special present and decided to sew her a princess inspired apron. She could use it for cooking or just for some fun dress up.  After talking to her mom I decided to go for … [Read more…]

One Last Present – Because I Couldn’t Resist

Tweet One day when I was waiting to pick up my kiddos at the bus stop after school I was wasting time and perusing Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite ways to waste time but its oh so dangerous.  Anyone who goes on Pinterest knows its a black hole of crafty ideas that can suck … [Read more…]